Hello everyone! You have found the official format to use when writing up your staff application. Please follow all of these rules and formats and you will be good to go! If applications are being accepted at the moment, good luck!


• Must be 13+
• Must have at least 300 hours in Unturned.
• Must have at least 80 hours on the server.
• Must be active at least 4+ hours a week.
• Must have Discord.
• Must have a mic.
• Must have a clean record (nothing too serious).


About Me:

My previous staff experience (all games):

Why I would like to be staff:

Why I stand out:

What would I benefit to the server by becoming staff:


My primary server (ex. US2):

My age: (if you don't want to say, just put "13+")

My country and timezone:

My steam URL:

My Discord: