Accepted Locked Bob's Staff Application

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• Must have at least 300 hours in Unturned• I have 920+ hours.
• Must have a clean record: Two bans that were not my fault. 1. Teammate wrote a racist symbol on all the signs in our base. 2. My brother got banned for placing a sentry at a spawn, I got banned because I am on the same network.

In game name: Bob

About Me: I am a 15 year old who lives in New York. In most of my free time I play Unturned on Night Patrol or work on the server that I am co-owner on. I teach martial arts and I am training for my second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the past month, over 80% of my hours have been on TNP as this is my go-to unturned server. I have played other modded servers, but TNP has stood out the most for me. After I get home from school, I first think to play TNP even though I sometimes have homework.

My previous staff experience (all games):
Currently I am co-owner on an unturned PvE server and I have basically built the entire server. Years ago I was staff on a few Minecraft servers (mod and Head mod) but sadly they have closed. At one point I ran a minecraft server, but my staff team heavily abused their powers so I had to close it. I know what it feels like to have abusive staff (ruins the fun).

Why I would like to be staff:
I would like to be staff because I feel that I could help the community in beneficial ways. Also, I really love the combination of mods that TNP has to offer. Before I found TNP, I was stuck in a limbo of not knowing what server to play on. I was searching for a good modded server and I found TNP, instant love <3. Also, I strongly dislike when people are being toxic and racist just because they think they can and because they think there will not be punishments.

Why I stand out:
I have previous knowledge on how servers work and how to deal with toxic people. Also, I enjoy helping people, which is why I am freely helping the owner of the Pvegg server that I play on. When something is not working I am great at finding the issue and fixing it. I can be serious when I need to be and goofy when I need to be goofy.


My primary server(s): US2 and Semi RP

My age: 15

My country and timezone: New York, Eastern time zone

My steam URL:

Discord: kevin2266#8707
Posted Mar 30, 18 · OP
Level 4
Hello Kevin//Bob,

On Behalf of the TNP Staff Team I'd like to welcome you aboard our team, please feel free to message me on Discord and I'll get you situated once we both have the appropriate time availability.

Posted Apr 3, 18