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About Me: Hello, my name is Leon and i live in germany. My hobbies are Gaming and playing football. Im mostly active on Discord, where you can talk to me. Id like to join the staff team, because I want to improve the server. With my expierience in the past, it would be a good thing to help this server. Also im trained and i know how to deal with many types of players, if its hacking, shit talk or harassing someone, I can deal with that. I wouldnt be sad if someone would call me a "Nigger" or "Noob". On the contrary, I laugh about it. Im Helper, Mod and admin on 3 different servers, which means I deal with everything. Kids, Trashtalker, and hacker. Hope thats everything you need to know, if not, dm me on Discord.

My previous staff experience (all games): I was Admin on 2 different servers and im currently helper, mod and admin on 3 different servers (Unturned). I was a Moderator on Garrys Mod for an Roleplay server. I was an Admin on an 7 Days to Die server too.

Why I would like to be staff: Id like to be staff, because I want to help this server. Good thing is, im trained, which means I already know how to fix and deal with everything (I got trained in another server). Also the experience is important. Im experienced with everything. So id like to be staff on the server, to keep everyone who isnt welcome away. My methods are: At first I warn the player, then I kick him, after that i ban him for one day. If he shouldnt stop Ill ban him for a week.

Why I stand out: I stand out, because I can deal with anything. My playtime is also pretty good, since I can be online 50 hours a week. That means I can be active and helpful at the same time. I can be online 7 hours a day if its needed.


My primary server (ex. US2): US1

My age: (if you don't want to say, just put "13+") Im currently 16 years old.

My country and timezone: I live in germany - GMT-01:00 / MET

My steam URL:

My Discord: Lemon#6767
Posted Apr 1, 18 · OP · Last edited Apr 1, 18
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Hey a kid from the other side of the world! We really need someone who can regulate the servers when it's night time don't we?
Posted Apr 1, 18
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Hello Lemon,

On Behalf of the TNP Staff Team I'd like to welcome you aboard our team, please feel free to message me on Discord and I'll get you situated once we both have the appropriate time availability.

Posted Apr 3, 18