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About Me:
Hello, im a boy and I have 14 years old. My birthday its on 30th of December. Im from Spain, so it means I play on different hour from other people that are from other countries with other hours. I am go to school and I also play a lot of Unturned. Some time ago I tried to be a staff member but they denied me because I didn't had the minimum hours to be but right now I have them so I will like to help the server being a Staff Member. Also right now im Vip.

My previous staff experience (all games):
Time ago I played on Minecraft and I have my server, I programmed everything but one day I got hacked so I decided to help other server so I also they them. I had been on minecraft, from Mod to Owner, but, I saw minecraft was a bit boring so I decided playing Unturned and I also been Admin on other server that right know are closed because people didn't enter but they where really cool.

Why I would like to be staff:
I Think TNP its a good server and im fun on it so because I am from Spain and I have different hour, sometime that I join, there is no staff members online so I will like to be to control a bit the people and help them, also people that join for first time. Also this is the server in which i play the more of all unturned server I have play because I think its nice, with good kits and good people, including the staff members that I have some that are staff members. I think I'll help players a lot.

Why I stand out:
I think Im a good Unturned player, just a normal one.. I think I have lot of TNP friends and I think lot of them like me. So that's why I say that im a good or a normal unturned player.


My primary server (ex. US2): The Night Patrol #1

My age: (if you don't want to say, just put "13+")
I'm for 14 years old.

My country and timezone:
Spain, CEST

My steam URL:

My Discord: Santestein#5726
Posted Apr 7, 18 · OP
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Also I speak English, Spanish, a bit of french and a bit of German so I can help people that don't know english and tell them in that language to talk in world chat in english.
Also I know that lot of people hate hackers because they loose lot of things, they get killed lot of times, they spend lot of money trying to kill them so I can help them by trying if he's hacker or if he's not hacker.
Posted Apr 8, 18 · OP
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Staff apps are closed. Reapply when announced that they are open.
Posted Apr 23, 18