Resolved Nykorrin's ban appeal

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2. REASON FOR MY BAN: Glitched Plate
3. STAFF NAME: Joe the Misfit
3. BAN DURATION: 7 days


I recently got back into unturned and The Night Patrol is one of the first servers I started playing on, I had assumed that I was banned because while I was building a honeycomb around my polygonal base, there was either a metal plate or sandbag in the floor (natural terrain), I didn't really care because I didn't think that it was a glitch or anything, so I placed a floor on top to continue the honeycomb, apparently this is not the case as stated by - Mod - Austin. I don't know much about glitches on unturned because I usually only play on kitpvp servers that consists of only pvp and I don't build bases as much or even raid, I don't blame any staff for anything as they are only doing their job and I do admit that I must've broken the rules somehow and I do apologize for it. If a staff replies can you give me an example of plate glitching in case I have the wrong idea in mind so I don't do it again? Thank you.

+I have recordings of the times I was on the server from when I logged in to when I logged out. I can send raw files if you want to review them to point on when I had plate glitched.

I anxiously await my acceptance or denial.

Nykorrin - Custom kit donator
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I would also like to see proof of my ban to ensure the validity of my given punishment. I don't mean to be rude or anything but I am just concerned.
Posted Jul 7, 18 · OP
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Never said that having a sandbag under a floor was a glitch, in fact I said the opposite, and if I had to screenshot every single glitch base or plate I came across I would have hundreds of screenshots that would be almost never used. Joe is, and has been one of the most active and helpful admins to the server. Although he may make mistakes at times, just as everyone else does, I trust his judgement regarding your ban.
Posted Jul 7, 18
If you are Austin, please read my explanation again, I stated that I thought that plate glitching was placing a floor over sandbags was a glitch and that this was not the case stated by Austin.
Posted Jul 7, 18 · OP
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Situation was taken care of, glad I was able to resolve this issue Nykorrin. :)
Posted Jul 8, 18